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'Did my longest run ever without stopping yesterday ;just over 12miles in a steady 85mins. Had a 'moment' for about 10-15mins at 7 miles ish of pure EASY running, like it was a dream and my legs were just not part of me, Thanks again for helping me overcome an injury that meant I could never run for more than 30mins, not too long ago.' Sam, ex sub 2min 800m runner

"Just been to my first Chi Running day. It's quite magical, now just need to practice. I can also pleat my toes. Great inspirational day both running and yoga. Would recommend u give it a try" March 2015, Dunbar and North Berwick


  "In summation, the chi-running weekend was just a great experience. The ethos of the weekend and Nick’s patient and passionate teaching created the right psychological climate for change. No matter what your standard, perception of ability, goals and motives, I’m confident that if you signed up for a similar weekend, or one-day workshop you too would receive a great return for your investment."  Dr Elaine Duncan Glasgow University

 The Scottish Mail on Sunday published an article  about Chi Running with SoulinMotion, you can read the full article here

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CHI RUNNING and YOGA RETREATS:-  APRIL 17th-19th 2015, LENDRICK LODGE, Callander 'fantastic experience'.  FULLY BOOKED.

ECO YOGA Centre, Inverliever, Lochilphead,  September 25th-28th, bookings now open, link here

Chi Running workshops: Glasgow and Edinburgh  book here, Glasgow May 9th, June 27th and Edinburgh June 6th

Chi Running and Yoga days:-  Glasgow May 10th, places still available book via entry centry

Chi Running workshops for the North East of England, private groups, 1-1's, reviews and clubs please contact me direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chi Running taster:- May 3rd, 3pm at Churchill track, Monkseaton NE26 3NS; to book visit the FB event or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RunandBecome Edinburgh June 5th 6:30-8.00pm email for details or contact the Edinburgh store direct via here

Chi Run/walk club:- 10mins run/ 2 mins walking. Next meet May 17th at Churchill track Monkseaton. Distance 18 miles. email if interested or visit the FB event page here. 

What is Chi Running?

ChiRunning combines the inner focus and the ideas and principles behind  T'ai Chi with the power and energy of running to create a revolutionary running form and philosophy that takes the pounding, pain, and potential damage out of the sport of running.  ChiRunning  increases mental clarity and focus, enhances the joy of running, and turns running into a safe and effective lifelong program for health, fitness, and well-being.

What is the focus of Chi Running?

Chi Running helps reduce or eliminate injury and pain such as: knee pain, hip pain, IT Band Syndrome (ITB), hamstring pulls, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, soreness and fatigue. Conditioning your mind is just as important as conditioning your body. 

Who can benefit from Chi Running?

Chi Running has helped many people, from beginners to cross country runners to triathletes. Whether you are just beginning a running program or training for a marathon, race, triathlon, or general all round fitness the Chi Running approach is one that builds a healthy body, instead of breaking it down from misuse or overuse.