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SoulinMotion Yoga for Runners and movers workshops

'stilling the mind, moving the body'

'A running, walking and Yoga practice with SoulinMotion is all about moving in balance, a deeper appreciation of purposeful practice, changing your relationship with gravity and exploring the sense of rhythm in your movement and breath. To become more in tune with you as a runner,walker and yoga practitioner, as a mover and as a performer. To create good space with a firmness, strength, and stability to your practice'

Coming mid to late 2018 at the Yoga Station ( http://www.theyogastation.org/) Whitley Bay. Or follow the yoga station via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheYogaStation/

After having spent 10 years as a Chi Running instructor and 20 years as a yoga practitioner, culminating in qualifying as a yoga teacher this year,  these workshops concentrate the very essence of  the benefits of yoga for any runner (or mover).

I have spent 10 years working with Kridaka Yoga in Scotland (Mark Russell) who has worked with the very best yoga teachers (Gary Carter, A J Mohan, Pete Blackenby, Leslie Kaminoff to name but a few) blending and integrating the different types of yoga styles who you may have heard of, (Ashtanga, Iyengar, Scaravelli etc) to form a practice around the individual not the asana.

Having worked with runners at all levels from Olympic qualification to broken and distraught for 10 years and also assisting in yoga and running retreats for 7 years, I feel I am now able to offer the level of workshop for runners in the North East that I feel runners need. As one runner said 'you are helping us bulletproof our body against injury'

If you are interested in signing up to the workshops/classes when they first become public please sign up to the newsletter below.

The workshops will be either be modular in content and structure with a 6 week block of workshops to help you develop a yoga practice that not only helps you in everyday life, but also helps you move more efficiently as a runner. Or, drop in sessions during the week/weekend, however, all of  these are for any level of runners, and they should be!


 Nick is an outstanding teacher, very supportive and incredibly knowledgeable

'The hall mark of practice is wholeness, wholeheartedness, not being in conflict.......it is not about pushing through the pain or overcoming pain, no pain no gain. If you are having to be brave and courageous in order to stoically withstand excessive intensity you are pushing too hard, you are fighting. Never fight yourself. Intensify when appropriate. Practice skilfully. The optimum degree of intensity is the amount that elicits your fullest attention.’(Schifmann)  

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