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Hello Nick

Yesterday proved a life-changing experience as far as my running is concerned. I hope this will help others who have a history of injury-prone running.

I used to be a useful runner in my teens, and then I stopped running and only took it up again at the age of 59. I have tried all kinds of remedies to reduce my frequently occurring injuries, which have included regular physio sessions using electro-acupuncture, expensive running shoes and insoles to cushion heel striking, Kinesio tape to assist blood flow, and daily exercises to strengthen my legs. It has taken me just over a year to realise that all the things I have tried to do to minimise injury have really only papered over the cracks!

After extensive searches on the internet I stumbled across Chi Running. The YouTube clips of Danny Dreyer started to make a great deal of sense and I wondered if there was any way I could educate my running to reduce injury. Further searches brought up the name of Nick Constantine. I found others but Nick's website told me he had a teaching background. As a former teacher myself I felt intuitively that Nick could make a difference to my running.

I was impressed with Nick from the off! He is a great listener and he was able to explain everything simply and clearly in a way that made me feel that there was real scope for me to improve. Good teachers are very hard to find. Trust me when I say Nick is one of the best.

Others have written about the day; how well organised it is, the video coverage of one's technique, the very pleasant lunch, and the extensive feedback on your computer when you get home - all included in the course fee!

I just wanted to convey to others that Nick's warm approach and attention to detail enabled me to achieve considerably more than I expected. Only one other person has been so inspirational and that was a lecturer at my former teacher training college who inspired me to undertake a Master's degree in education.

Thank you Nick for a wonderful day!